No matter what url I enter, I'm taken back to the home page

If you enter a url for your site and are always taken back to the home page, this could be a normal situation.

  • Exponent is designed to push everything back to /index.php for processing since it is a dynamic content based site and doesn't have 'real web pages.  Therefore, if you only enter a partial url (one without a specific and full filename), the .htaccess parameters will convert it to mean /index.php
  • In most cases a bad url or sef name will take you to the 'not found' screen with some suggestions on what you may have been looking for.
  • If there is a 'real' file on your site, you must provide the full pathname.  If you simply enter a folder name and expect it to use the index, htm, index.php, index,html file within that folder, it always will redirect to the main /index.php unless you enter the full pathname.
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