Online Event Registration Management

The Online Event Registration module not only allows for 'booking' reservations, but also helping manage them.  Management of Event Registrations is handled using the 'Upcoming Events' menu.

Clicking on the 'Upcoming Events' menu reveals the 'View All Event Registrations' or manage events command, the 'Add an event' command followed by a list of all active, upcoming events.  Selecting one of the upcoming events displays the View Registrants screen just as if you had selected it in the display all events view.

The 'View All Event Registrations' screen will display the list of events with their dates and number of people registered.  It also allows you to view event registrations, edit or delete the event.  You may view the event by clicking on its title.

The 'View Registrants' screen displays details about the event and the list of those registered for the event.  It also contains any data collected during a registration.  If the form used to collect registration data has a field named 'email', that entry can be used to generate an email and there will also be an email all registrants form at the bottom of the screen.  The payment status is linked to the 'order'.  Clicking on the payment status will display the order and the 'payment method' may be changed to reflect a receipt of payment, etc...   You may also export the list of registrants to a comma separated value (CSV) file for use in a spreadsheet, etc...

It is also possible to manually add registrants to the event list if it was received by regular mail or on the phone, though at this point an 'order' will not be created and the payment will appear as ???.

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