Some Module Content Doesn't Seem to Import or Known Valid Tables Are Listed as 'Unused'

This problem only occurs when using different web server OS's where one of them is Windows (using Apache).

The situation is that exponent is looking for specific table names and a mixed case (camel case) name will NOT match with an all lowercase name.  Therefore it behaves as if the table doesn't exist.

There's an issue when setting up Windows on XAMPP. The issue is that out of the box, Windows doesn't install table names with case sensitivity in mind. There are a number of tables in Exponent's database that have camel cased naming, like exponent_expFiles. Unfortunately, when Windows installs, it names them with all lowercase letters, like exponent_expfiles. Macs will read and write just fine, but also installs the names correctly. Linux, on the other hand, doesn't like the lowercase table names at all. So when we put your database up on a linux-based server, it bombs out, and nothing works.

Luckily there's a fix:

  • Open up 'C:xamppmysqlbinmy.cnf'
  • and just after [mysqld] add:
  • lower_case_table_names = 2

Restart XAMPP, the try re-installing Exponent, and check the tables to see that it's working.

The Following (camel cased) table names are problematic:

  • content_expComments
  • content_expFiles
  • content_expTags
  • expComments
  • expConfigs
  • expeAlerts
  • expeAlerts_subscribers
  • expeAlerts_temp
  • expFiles
  • expRss
  • expTags
  • product_storeCategories
  • storeCategories
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