User Management

The User Management menu allows you to manage and work with site user accounts. 

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User Accounts

The User Accounts Manager allows you to create, edit, or delete site user accounts.


Group Accounts

The User Group Manager allows you to create, edit, or delete groups of users so they may be managed more easily, especially when it comes to permissions.


User Profile Extensions

The User Profile Extensions Manager allows you to turn available profile extensions on or off.


User Sessions

The User Session Manager allows you to view and kill active user sessions. You may also kill individual sessions or all session for a given user. If the display seems too crowded with "unknown" users (not logged on), you can restrict the displayed list.

Import Users

This command allows adding/updating user accounts from a comma separated value file.


Mass Mailer

This command allows you to easily send an email to all site users, or selected users, groups, or other email addresses. This can be done in a single email or in 'batch' mode where one email is generated per address to prevent users from seeing other user email addresses. You may optionally send an attachment.