Import Users

This command allows adding/updating user accounts from a comma separated value file.

The first screen selects the file, the delimiter character and the starting row/header.

The second screen displays all the columns found in the file and allows you to match them to user record fields:

  • username (can also be generated automatically in next step)
  • password (can also be generated automatically in next step)
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • email

The third screen allows you to determine how missing users names and passwords are generated.  It also allows you to select whether existing Exponent user records should be updated based on the imported information (or simply ignored)

The fourth screen allows you to select which users will actually be imported into Exponent.

The fifth and final screen displays the results of the import.

Loading Help

Parent Help Topic

User Management

The User Management menu allows you to manage and work with site user accounts.