Views are smarty templates (.tpl files) which are used to display data from the Model as manipulated by the Controller.  The views are stored in the module's 'views' subfolder.

Since a module may have more than one controller, each controller places their 'views' nested inside the 'views' folder in a subfolder with the controller name.  E.g., the text module places the text controller views in the '/views/text/' folder within the text module folder.  

Furthermore, the module specific Configuration Settings views are placed inside the 'configure' subfolder.  Therefore, the Configuration Settings views for the user module login controller are found in the '/views/login/configure/' folder of the user module folder.  Each template (.tpl file) in the 'configure' will appear as a separate tab in the configure module display.  A system standard configuration may be overridden by adding a template of the same name in the module's 'configure' subfolder.

Additionally, there may be view specific configuration settings placed in the 'configure' subfolder with a .config file extension, however they are still smarty templates.  These will only appear when that view is selected as the active view.

In a pure sense, a module View(s) should be the only piece of the module interacting with the output display.  Meaning, there should never be display output in either the module controller nor the model.  This is because the View is the abstract interpretation of the display for the controller (and model).  While this can't always be true, it is possible to move any display output within a controller into the view.

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