What happened to re-usable content?

Exponent v0.9x allowed you to 're-use' content which essentially allowed you to place the same module on several pages.  In Exponent 2.0, this feature is no longer available since it didn't always work as expected when it came to having a different view or settings for each of the 're-used' modules.

In 2.0, we have a vastly improved 'aggregation' for most modules which is not only able to accomplish the same feature as 're-use', but ensure that each copy of the module will adhere to its view and settings.

The migration wizard does its best to migrate these 're-used' containers, but due to the 0.9x shortfal, isn't able to always migrate the module settings (see reason above).  Therefore, you may need to do some tweaking once you've migrated your content.

The best method to have your module act similar to a 0.9x 're-used' content module is to locate each copy of the desired module and then configure the settings of each module to aggregate from the other module(s).  If you do this, it won't matter where you add or edit a module item, it will be reflected in the other aggregated module.

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